A Wonderful Adventure
It is a floating up space system governed by a central island (Obertham City), 8 islands are rotating around it due to the gravity that is generated by the Oberthanos, a set of citizens around 8 different races inhabit the aforementioned islands.
Since Thousands of years ago everything was different, Obertham was a world where the Oberthans constituted a single race that lived in harmony, maintaining peace and gravity in the Obertham City.
One day strange energy from space generated a change in the city. This energy contained a large electromacnetic charge that destabilized the core of the Obertham city, generating a fault in gravity, which produced the split from 8 large pieces the ones rotate and remain around the Obertham city. The strange energy also produced an imbalance, giving shape and a life of its own to all its surroundings. Large amount of genetic material altered by this event generated changes in the oberthans, animals, plants and even machines, thus causing different races that would govern the 8 floating islands.
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