Breed multiplication.
In Obertham's universe, procreation happens in a similar way to the real world, through the union of a male with a female you will obtain a baby, which after a certain time will become a new adult.
Each Oberthan can procreate a limited number of times. the procreation between races is allowed, as long as it corresponds to a male with a female.
To carry out the fertilization you will need a certain amount of $ OBER tokens, an amount that will be greater in each fertilization.


Oberthana genetics have different characteristics, as well as special qualities, and they share a morphological structure of 3 types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph.
The Structure of the oberthans is divided into 6 parts (Body, Head, Eye, Nose, Ear and Mouth), each of these parts is transmittable during fertilization in a variable percentage depending on a Dominant Gene (GEN-D) and a Recessive Gene (GEN-R).
Note: Cost Details fertilization time will be published close to its launch.
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